_ignatius (_ignatius) wrote in thequestionclub,

Do you fart silently in public, or hold it in?

Do you have friends with opposing idealogical views?

What about friends that do things you don't agree with?

Do you live completely according to your morals/beliefs?

Do you hate the sound of people kissing in the same room as you?

I just make sure to fart silently. I'm pretty good about eating things that don't make for nasty farts, but if it is nasty and people smell it, there's no way to know who it is, unless it's just me and one other person.

Yes. I can't tell you how many of my friends like to call me "damn hippie!" Some of them I think don't spend much time thinking about politics, some just come from very different backgrounds than I, and then some always pwn me with their rhetoric, causing me to agree with them.

Yes. I let them know though if I don't agree, and tell them why.

No. That would require completely isolating myself from society. I'm just as trapped by social norms as the next person.

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