Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

how legal is a postdated contract?
I'm supposed to sign a waiver for my loft- kindof "I know I built my own loft, that makes it my fault if it collapses so i promise not to sue the university, and i acknowledge that I need to meet certain minimum safety guidelines." I don't turn 18 for another few weeks, and I likely won't see my parents until well after that. I was supposed to take the waiver with me last weekend to have my mother sign it, but I forgot.
So, just now I signed it for myself and dated it with my birthday. Signed of my own free will and all... how binding is the waiver, both now and in three weeks when it's signed and I'm 18 but the date is a lie?

(Not that I would sue if it collapsed or I fell out- that'd be my own damn fault. I'm just curious.)
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