smorewhore (smorewhore) wrote in thequestionclub,

Yesterday while out thrifting, I picked up two soup bowls that are the same style and design of those I used while growing up during the 70's. I am hoping someone has information so I can stop tearing my hair out trying to discern the maker. Unfortunately, I have no pictures but will describe as best I can.

The bowl is made from glazed pottery and has a handle similar to a square "D" or a small cartoonishly shaped ear. It is squat with a wide opening and has the following words printed in a wraparound design on the sides:


crackers crackers crackers

Soup Soup Soup

Black printing in a western style type of font.

One bowl is a deeper green color and is smooth (almost like a porcelain finish) under glaze, the other is a rougher pottery.


I do have the impression that this may have been a giveaway item or part of a get well bouquet of flowers. Any information you have would be appreciated. Thanks.


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