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Tuberculosis Testing

I got a TB test last friday, and I got it checked out on Monday. I developed a red rash on my forearm (where they took the test) and when I went back on Monday the nurse said, "Well, I GUESS you're clear to go."

Since then it's been getting slightly redder and bigger. It's about a half an inch big (which I guess in the rash world isn't big but still). It itches sometimes and it's REALLY sore when you press on it. I've had a slight tinge in my throat but no coughing. It could be just dust or pollen or something.

Could it just be an allergic reaction? I've gotten them done before and never had a reaction like this. I did spend the summer all over Europe and on a Tall Ship (where people from all over the world were present and I live with them for 3 weeks in the middle of the ocean).

What do you think?
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