jacko ruller of fire (complusivflirt) wrote in thequestionclub,
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What are the Stero types you have been called?

Why do you think they called you that?

For me they are punk, emo, scene, emo fagot, geek, nerd, dork, metal, and goth.

Punk Mohawk clothing in general, piercings, tattoos, car, my attitude...

Emo I had black hair and my Mohawk wasn't spiked and the same geek frame classes from before emo existed.

Scene I don't really know...

Emo faggot they had to create something to try and trash me.

Geek ... I like books and video games.

Nerd, I wear a shirt that says nerds are so hot.

I AM A GIANT DORK!!! Also I call every one Dorks.

Metal I think I was wearing some band shirt and black dickies and had  chain to my wallet.

Goth I wear way to much black have since I picked out my clothing(My mother bought my clothes till I was in middle school I had no choice damn those elementary school picks.

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