midget hands (chispa_adecuada) wrote in thequestionclub,
midget hands

1. Is anyone else here stressed the fuck out? Why? And why are you on the internets?

YES. I'm trying to balance my senior ChE classes (i.e. 7 major assignments due this week), a grant proposal that's due Friday, grad school application crap (sorting out references, deciding what programs to apply to, etc.), and my currently semi-long distance marriage all while warding off a cold and trying to remember to eat and get enough sleep. I have no idea why I'm wasting my life away on the internet, to be honest :(

2. Should I seriously just drop out of school and join the circus? If I do, who should I audition to be? The bearded lady? Someone else?

I'm seriously considering it, though idk if I could grow that great of a beard....
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