Nicole (ex_whatsthe) wrote in thequestionclub,

Alright, so a few weeks ago a woman ran a red light, hit my car, blah blah blah... she wanted to settle outside of insurance. She left me several voicemails begging me to not contact the company, admitting complete fault. However, when I told her I wanted to go through insurance, she turned really nasty and began denying that she was at fault.

It turns out the witness I had never called the insurance companies. And, for some reason, the insurance companies will not accept the voicemails of her admitting complete fault (and even going as far as to BRIBE me- "I will pay for your damages, plus extra, if you don't report it"). I don't understand why my insurance company won't listen to the voicemails. Can anyone think of any reasons? How likely is it that I will lose this case? (Again, it is now completely my word against her's)

I'm so stressed over this.

Sorry for me posting so many serious questions lately. I'll get back to the amusing ones soon
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