Woodiness T. Scatological (mr_sadhead) wrote in thequestionclub,
Woodiness T. Scatological

Silly question. I can't do those poll things so here it is.

Pretend you're Captain Kirk.

So what's happening is, a salt vampire has you down and is eating your face. You're screaming in agony! Dr. McCoy is there, and he's got a phaser, but since the salt vampire has taken the form of his ex-lover, he's all "Whatever shall I do," nearly crapping his pants audibly with indecision. Finally Spock shows up, and using the ancient Vulcan art of yelling at somebody to get them to do something, convinces the Doctor that something should be done; so he shoots the salt vampire.
So what would you, as Kirk, do?

• Catch your breath and look sympathetically at the grieving Doctor and say, "I'm sorry .. Bones."

• Take a deep breath and yell, "God fuck it! Where the hell are you, Little Johnny Pisspants? Shit, that fucking HURT!"
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