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spliff huxtable split a snatch straight bangin'

I could go to a "mindful-based stress reduction class" that I signed up for (that's free and offered by my college). I thought I should at least go to the first session and see how it is and then maybe just go when I feel like I need it or something. But the thing is that I don't feel very stressed right now so I don't want to go-- but I don't want it to be weird if I want to start showing up later in the semester, when my thesis starts to kill me.


I could go to a Feminist Alliance meeting/film screening. I've missed every meeting so far except for the first one and don't want to fall into the habit of never going again (which happened last semester.) And the movie sounds interesting, and there will be free food.


I could go to a production of "Macbeth" that a not-very-close friend of mine is in but I told her I'd try to go, plus it sounds fun and I've never seen Macbeth. I might be able to go to this on Friday, but probably won't make it.


I could go to a dessert potluck/outdoor film screening that my on-campus apartment complex thing is hosting. I'm one of our programming directors so I helped plan it and I also promised to bring cupcakes (which I'll still send with someone even if I don't make it). I don't mind missing the movie (I was maybe going to skip it and go watch The Office instead, after the desserts) but I'd still feel kind of bad for missing the socializing event.

So whattya say, TQC?

Poll #1064856 So what do I do?


Stress reduction class
FemAlliance meeting


potluck/film screening

EDIT oops I kept putting off deciding and then realized I'd missed the Stress Reduction class already. Oh well, Fem Alliance it is!
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