Danielle (midnight_d) wrote in thequestionclub,

I need heat!

1. Any suggestions on how to get my furnace to... make heat?

I just got a bunch of oil delivered last week, so that's not the problem... I've also tried just turning the thermostat up, no dice. I've also pushed the "push to reset" button. There doesn't seem to be any other options that are obvious (to me, anyway). I kind of want to fix this myself without having to call my landlord (I harassed them a ton when I first moved in about a bunch of crap). Is there anything I'm missing? It's a Honeywell furnace, if that matters (I tried checking their website and it didn't seem to be much help, and I couldn't find a # for them in the phone book)

2. Do you detest any foods that others consider to be "normal"?

I can't stand onions or peppers (the sweet ones, the hot ones are alright).
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