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Controversial opinion #4327 - on women

I think it's a wise idea to make decisions based on reality, whether we like the circumstances of reality or not.

I think that as women we know that there are some creeps out there who frequently fantasize about victimizing women. We also know that there are some relatively borderline guys that under normal circumstances and social controls are harmless but if given the temptation might cross over the line and victimize a woman. We also know that the criminal justice system has not been able to completely prevent such victimization from happening- it reacts after the fact.

I think that knowing that, and knowing that we, on average as women, tend to have less upper body and overall muscle strength then men, we find ourselves in the more vulnerable position when it comes to potential victimization.

I think that it sucks and is completely unfair that men can seemingly take more risks in their behavior -wear whatever they want regardless of what attention it draws, walk through certain neighborhoods at night, drink to excess in mixed company, go out 1 on 1 with a complete stranger of the opposite sex in a car- and not suffer the same consequences that a woman who does the same thing may. It's unfair that men have a natural, physical advantage when it comes to domination and violence and victimization. But it is reality.

<begin controversy>
I think to protest this unfairness by boldly pretending we are not in the more vulnerable position is stupid and ill-advised. Women should be taught that, through no fault of our own, we may be more at risk then men, and therefore we should take some precautions. Of course we should also be taught that all our advanced precautions cannot ensure 100% protection from victimization and also that we cannot spin life into a weaving of total paranoia. But we can and should take simple precautions that have been shown to lessen the chance of becoming a victim.
<end controversy>

Will you feel better about yourself as a woman if you thumbed your nose at any "antiquated" precautions to prove equality of the sexes and it led to you being in a situation with a man who *could* physically dominate you if he wanted to and he did so? Are we really so up on our high horse of "well we SHOULD be able to do x y z just like men, its not fair, etc" that we will refuse to warn women on principle of ways they can take an active role to lower their risk of being raped? Which is really more important to you- preventing rape, or protesting the unfairness of physical characteristics between the sexes?
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