waitsunlight (waitsunlight) wrote in thequestionclub,

So my boyfriend (of 2 years) and I just got in a big fight and I left his appt because he is impossible to argue with.. even when he is wrong, he believes that he is right. 
All day I've been excited to go over and see him, but as soon as I got there he started giving me attitude about stupid things. He works 15 hour days during the week so I usually let it go when he gets edgy or snaps at me. I just figure he's tired and irritable, but today it started literally from the time I walked in the door. He yelled at me for not closing his bedroom door, he yelled at me for crying to him about being extraordinarily stressed out lately and told me that I whine too much, yelled at me for complaining of an upset stomache that I have had for a month now because I started taking Yaz, and absolutly flipped out on me for saying that I don't understand why people voted for Hitler because he was damn ugly. 
This fighting over retarded shit has been going on for weeks now. I never leave like I did today.. usually I just nod my head and let him bitch about how aweful I am and then  appoligize to me an hour later but today I had had enough. I just received a text from him saying that he was sorry and he shouldnt argue with me like he did.

Am I completely unreasonable for leaving? Should I go back? TQC is it me or is it him??

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