aeila (aeila) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. I'm sick with a cough, various sore muscles, and a headache that will soon make my head implode/explode (the jury is still out on the implode/explode thing). Soup is not an option for various and assorted reasons. Green Pepper and Mushroom pizza (my fav), or a can of asparagus?

2. Have you ever caught someone of the opposite gender looking at you a lot, but gotten the feeling that they were trying to figure you out (like a puzzle), not that they a crush on you? What gave you that impression?

3. What, if any, is your favorite Law&Order subgenre? Who are your favorite detectives?

My Answers:
1. Leaving it to TCQ
2. Yes, that's why I'm curiouse about other ppl. I'm not sure why.
3. SVU. Finn (SVU), Bobby and Aimes(sp?) from CI.

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