azetburcaptain (azetburcaptain) wrote in thequestionclub,

Canadian Politics- ONTARIO referendum

Ok so this is for you Canadians/Ontarionians.

How will you vote for the referendum? Are you aware that there is a referendum on Oct 10th ALONG with the provincial election?

If you're not aware that there is a referendum, here's the deal:

-this referendum decides if we are changing our election system
-the new election system is called MMP, or mixed member proportional representation. Check this out:


Do you think the MMP system is better? Can I hear some BC opinions? I think BC has this system already and already has used it once. The MMP system would guarantee a minority in government, would it not?

And finally: ONTARIONIANS, FUCKING GO VOTE OR I WILL CUT YOU. (plz... even if you vote for NDP it's still better than nothing! TYVM)

Thanks, TQC, and have a nice day!

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