Rekhyt (ptolemy_rekhyt) wrote in thequestionclub,

Not that anyone cares, but I set up my appointment to get my white rabbit tattoo a week from today.

complete with crosshatched background

I had the latest version of itunes, but it fucked up a lot so I went back to an older version (6.0.5 i think, the one right before any of the 7's came out). I learned something and I thought I could make the newer version (whose interface I like so much better) work, so I redownloaded it. But it didn't so I deleted everything to do with itunes (not my music, obviously) and redownloaded the old version. When I got it, there's like this Limewire thing with a dropdown menu and some girl named Nicole has a lot of tracks in it. wtf?

I can't move the tracks to other playlists or edit their info or anything. Some of these songs I already have on my computer, some I've never heard of. I don't even have limewire. This wasn't on here last time I downloaded this exact same version of itunes. wtf?

edit: now randomly a new folder appeared right above Nicole's limewire, now I have Nicole's and Megan's limewire tunes. WTF.

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