Coco-Pansy (coco_pansy) wrote in thequestionclub,

Moving Questions!

I'm moving in with my boyfriend on wednesday, everythings sorted out but I don't know what to take. I have all this random crap that I don't know whether to chuck, leave at my mum's or take. Hmmm. Also I want to go in quite gently rather than bring my whole life + possesions at once, that would freak me out. What do I take (at first)?

Room mates! My boyfriend has a room mate guy who hes friends with but not close as they don't have much in common. I know him from being round there a lot but how do I sort of behave towards him now I'm living there too? Have you got any interesting/weird/boring room mate stories or experiances to tell?

Does it bother you that your SO smokes & you don't? Mine really smokes loads & I'm like a 'social smoker' but everyone keeps saying 'Oh it will really bug you that he smokes round you at home, its so annoying etc'. Its never bugged me before, do you think it changes when you move in with said person?

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