The Light Snarktastic (snarkophagus) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Light Snarktastic


I've got one for all the at-work types here.  How do you keep yourself organized? 

On any given day, I have to be able to report on and make progress with about a dozen different projects, stay on top of work status for 35 employees across six or seven different job descriptions, deal with clients bringing me questions, clients bringing me problems, clients causing me problems, hammer out details for incoming clients, and handle the normal day-to-day being-a-manager thing.

I'm having issues keeping it all straight.  Right now, if one thing goes out of its routine, two or three other things go with it, and I have to either ignore people for a few hours or stay at work after they all leave to haul it back on track.  I want to spend some time this weekend organizing it, and I'll be making The List That Ate All Other Lists at some point tomorrow.  For those of you who have a lot to do, what works for you to stay on top of it?
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