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sorry, i have two entries that are only like ten apart :(

Kind of TL;DR but drama filled and thus you might enjoy..

My husband's company is sending some clients on a trip for their support, and they're sending us too. We're going next weekend to Cayman for five days. They're working though a member of the company (it's a chamber of commerce actually), who is a travel agent, named Joan.

Today we've found out:

a)she booked us on the wrong flight, one that wont get us home until 1 a.m. on a thursday when we have to work the next day and we were supposed to be on a 7 a.m. flight. She wants us to "not worry about it" and hop on the earlier flight "if there are seats left, which we can do up to twelve hours in advance" because "No one else has ever complained about it". That means we'd go to the airport in Cayman and not know what flight we're on, have our luggage waiting around for up to six hours, etc. Also, there are only two sets of seats together left on that flight.

b)she booked us all in a hotel that only has king size beds, even though a number of people are sharing rooms with their clients, business partners, parents, etc and expecting a double bed.

My husband sent her this email, after a long chain of her bitching about how we're "insulting her" regarding her suggestion on the flight schedule:

I have never once insulted you.  I have only expressed my problem to you, which I still seem to have that problem.  I am simply trying to fix a problem. 
Also, this is not ridiculous, this is a genuine complaint/problem that a client of yours has, which still has not been addressed.  I have only received ways around the problem, I still do not have a solution to the problem, which is what I originally set out to get.  Your idea of waiting around an airport and hop
ping on a flight hoping to get tickets and waiting for five and a half hours is a way around a problem, not a solution, and also something that is not guaranteed.  The solution to the problem is having our flight switched to the earlier flight, as I have expressed.  This is not a situation I put myself in, you are the travel agent and are also the one who is responsible for plane bookings/hotel bookings.  As in my first e-mail ever sent, I want these bookings switched to the earlier flight, as I requested from the start, and do not feel it's my responsibility to pay a switch fee since I did not put myself in this situation.

Joan's response:

YOU DON’T HOPE FOR ANOTHER FLIGHT – YOU JUST GET ON STANDBY AND THEN GET ON IT!  Brian I am not going through this again. There is no problem here – I am not responding to any more of these insulting emails.

 If you want to switch then you pay just like everyone else on the planet. It is a piddly little flight from Miami for goodness sakes. That is the way industry works. I will not be harassed or intimidated.

 If you want to change the industry go ahead but leave me out of it!

 I have had enough of the whole thing  - the deception the insults, the harassment. END


So, tqc, do you feel that what my husband sent her is "harassing" or "insulting" or "deceiving"?

How would you react to this email if you were brian and his company? The trip is in seven days, and paid in full, so we can not change agents.


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