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double-checking with the doctors...

Is there a mental illness primarily identified by recurring/vivid night terrors, ones that wake you up instantly and have physical side effects? (crying, screaming, hyperventilating....)

I have a character in a story whom I have just "diagnosed" with PSTD. It seems almost perfect, except that he is very outgoing, sociable, and easy to get along with. From what I've read, it seems like people who suffer from PSTD tend to be avoidant/unsociable, and I don't want to contradict, I want to be as realistic as possible....

What makes it seem perfect is that he suffers from such nightmares, plus he's very anxious/startled easily, occasionally feels worthless/helpless/meaningless etc., and has had a seriously traumatic event (rape) that changed his life. I'm sure every case is different and there is some leeway with symptoms, and I just wanted to double check with someone who knows more about it than me that it's not too contradicting for him to be a sociable, friendly type also. Or if there's an even better nightmare-related disorder entirely!

Thanks for any and all help! Hope I'm not abusing the use of this community o_o;;;
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