the middle of the road's fine with no cars around (noodledays) wrote in thequestionclub,
the middle of the road's fine with no cars around

Bear with me, please - my husband's cousin's stepson is getting married, and his reception is this weekend.  We've met him exactly once, and we used to see the family about twice a year, not at all in the last couple or so.
The only reason I'm thinking we should go is to avoid offending my high strung, overly sensitive mother-in-law, who might take it out on my husband's dad, and the poor guy does not need any more grief.

Do we suck it up and go for a brief appearance, or do we beg off and include our regrets in the card we'll send?

Edit: This is not an RSVP, full meal, or sit down dinner affair - those occasions are mostly few and far between in our neck of the woods.   ;)

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