fotogazmik (fotogazmik) wrote in thequestionclub,

LIbrary etiquette

So, question based on an actual experience from yesterday regarding library etiquette.

So I was the public library in town..

I walked into the art/photo/movie books section and there are three business men sitting in chairs in the common area/work area.. talking.. having a meeting.. talking about football, work, people at work, etc.. Since they don't have any library books, magazines, anything in front of them, I assumed they work at the library and are on break so I'll give them a break. 20-30 minutes later, they're still carrying on and I can no longer concentrate on the books I'm looking at/thru because they are that loud and I'm stewing over how rude these guys are.

I put my ipod on and play timid/"I don't want to make a scene". But I get more and more stewed at these guys' inconsideration. I move over to the books by them, which I did want to look at. I glanced at one guy, hoping he'd get the idea that they were being rude/loud. He just ignored me and they kept on talking. I finally decide I've had enough.

me: "Excuse me guys. This is a library, not a coffeeshop. If you're going to sit around talking can you take it elsewhere?"

one guy: (turns around to look at me), "If you had been more polite about it and politely asked us to be quieter. But we'll try to keep it down".

This didnt satisfy me. Me: "Oh, I thought this was a library and not a conference room"..

We proceed to have a wait-out to see who can outlast the other. Them doing nothing but looking at their hands while I'm looking through books. After about 20 - 30 minutes they finally leave. During that time, one guy took a phone call and said "Yeah, I'm still at work. I'll talk to you later."

So, was I the one who deserved a lecture on being polite when these guys are sitting in the library and having a meeting for 30 - 45 minutes before I said anything? Do you think these guys are like the guys in the movies who have been fired from their jobs but can't tell their wives, so they sit in the library all day claiming to be "at work"? What kind of job lets you sit in the library for over an hour talking about people at work and football?

I feel fine with how I handled the situation because, I thought everyone knew, you don't talk in the library. Am I the only person left in the US who expects to find quietness in a library?

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