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Oh, employment...

I think that any information we could possibly need from a potential employee should be included on their resume, or can be asked in the interview. I also never filled out an application for MY job, which is almost exactly the same, and they didn't take a copy of my resume for the files either.

My boss thinks we HAVE to have an application on file, no matter what, despite the fact that it duplicates the standard resume information almost exactly, and we have resumes from these applicants already.

Keep in mind we are a small individually-owned business so there's no corporate policy to care about.

Who do you think is right? Is there some legal precedent that we need to have an application on file when we already have cover letters and resumes?

How annoyed do you think these people are going to be to come in to a job interview and have to fill out a four page form that is full of stuff we already know?

ETA: Is it illegal for us to ask for their social security number on the application?
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