venusinferred (venusinferred) wrote in thequestionclub,

sci hum

1. Do you feel you are more suited to study science, or humanities? Or are you equally suited to both? Why or why not? (Please don't lecture me about false dichotomies, I'm phrasing it this way because most universities are structured this way.)

2. What is your opinion of snarky t-shirts? What are some you liked, or didn't like?

Mostly lame. An engineer in one of my math classes wore a shirt that said "(lim GPA --> 0) B. Sc. = B.A." I thought it was obnoxious at the time, and even more so later when I saw the class average.

3. What is your opinion of United Way?

4. What are some (famous) couples where one person was a scientist and the other was an artist?

5. Have you ever successfully maintained a pen-pal-type relationship with someone you met travelling? What medium did you use (postcards, letters, e-mails, Facebook, LJ, etc.)?
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