Pues segun yo (segunyo) wrote in thequestionclub,
Pues segun yo



We are having a housewarming party.

I want to print out invitations, but I have a Mac and Macs don't open the cab files that you get from the Microsoft templates web site. AND the Mactopia (Microsoft's Mac site) templates don't have invitation templates, just the same categories my computer has, which is pooh.

1.  I've done some googling and FAIL - so I'm asking TQC, housewarming invitation templates? are you creative? Or a good searcher? Or you happen to have an invite template?

I was hoping for something that could print double sided on a page, and I could cut it in half longways and then fold the two parts in half.  Save paper etc., maybe use cardstock, be good you know

Advice? I'm open to having just a one sided piece of paper but not a whole sheet, maybe 4 per page or something, or my idea above


and Thanks, in advance

2.  Do you feel like when people write TIA it somehow nullifies their thanks because they couldn't even take the time to write it out?

ETA: I don't get internet access at work save for government web sites, and my computer faces the world so working on it at work isn't as much of an option, although i do intend to print them from work :) And cut them there! Whee
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