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sleep q's

Now that school has started up again, I'm having trouble adjusting my sleep schedule from summer. During the summer I'd be going to bed around 1am and waking up between 10am and noon. Now with school I have to get up between 6 & 7am, while still going to bed pretty late. I can't go to bed any earlier because no matter how tired I am, I'll lie in bed for at least an hour every night, tossing and turning with thoughts zipping through my head nonstop. I'll think about absolutely anything and everything.. mostly it's of conversations I had that day or how I think a conversation will go the next day. I actually wrote this post word for word in my head last night trying to get to sleep, as with most of my LJ posts. Is there a way that I can make myself stop thinking about stuff, like shut my mind off, so I can just relax and fall asleep?

What helps you get to sleep at night? What helps you wake up in the morning and start the day?
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