bigkidsid (bigkidsid) wrote in thequestionclub,

white elephants?

So - I was looking on Esure's website, and they have a list of gadget's people had bought, and found them to be junk!

So which of these do you (A) own and think is ok, or (B) Have and think was a hunk of junk? or (C) own and absolutely love.. My answers included

Air purifiers/ioniser A
Hand held milk frother
Yoghurt maker
Electric manicure kit
Plastic bag sealing device
Massage chair or self-massage machine C
Electric tin opener
Foot spa A (It's nice, but not ace!)
Fondue set
Electric steamer
Kitchen blow torch
Juicer B (Made nice juice, but PITA to clean!)
Facial sauna/steamer
Steam cleaners B (spent longer than usual cleaning, and then did it properly)
Popcorn and candy floss makers A
Bread maker
Rice and pasta cookers
Electric Grill (e.g. George Foreman grilling machine) C (it's great for veg, anyway)
Coffee machine (filter/cappuccino/espresso) C (an espresso machine needs a grinder)
Electronic bathroom weighing scales
Vegetable preparation devices A
Smoothie maker
Pasta maker
Waffle maker
De-humidifiers and humidifiers
Ice cream maker C
Electric stockpot or slow cooker C (can't understand why people don't like em(
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