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New and full of Questions...

Greetings i am new to this community. I am 24 in Colorado and love to play in the SCA. I do anything outdoors and ponder questions all the time. This community seems like a good thing. I have a few questions for all who feel like answering.

1. If some one came to you and ofered you a choice of a life a slave in the BDSM life style with a loving and kind Master or the choice to take the gun with one bullet which would you choose? What would be deciding factors? What are your thoughts on BDSM verses death?

2. If all the religions in the world claim they are the right and true way, how can the consumer choose what is correct? How can they all be right if they claim everyone else is completely wrong?

3. If you wanted to take over the world what would you use as an opiet of the masses to get started?

Okay i know they are weird and strange questions but I like to get good and honest answers out of people. Thanks for responding.
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