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This is a ridiculously girly situation, please forgive me but i'm not sure on what to do :]

oh yes, it's about a boy.

wow i didn't even read this sorry about that everyone


i'm seeing a guy. there is a mutual attraction, we've become great friends. lately however it seems as if he's not that into me and it seems like this is happening all of a sudden. the last time we saw each other roughly two weeks ago things were fine. i don't talk to him until a couple days ago, and it just seems like he's over me. i started calling him more but i have a feeling i'm being extremely clingy, which is something i'm the complete opposite of.

basically i don't know what to do; he's someone i would commit to as a girlfriend, which is huge on my part, but i don't know how to approach him about that. advice on how to do so?
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