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 I work at Wal-Mart in the bakery. I usually work 5:30 am to 2:30 pm. The first person comes in at 4:00 am. Well, she is on vacation so yesterday I had to come in at 4:00, and it wasn't on the schedule. Well, at Wal-Mart when you try to clock in before your scheduled time or on a day that you're not scheduled for, the time clock rejects you and you're not clocked in. Well, I called Management to clock me in, and I waited 10 minutes for someone to come, but they never did, so I just went and did my job. Everything has a time limit, and I wanted to get my work done. I was going to tell management later that I didn't clock in so I would still get paid. 

Well, at about 8:30 am, a member of Mangement (who has it in for me) came and told me to come with her. She told me that working off the clock is against company policy and is a serious offense and blah blah blah. IWell because it's my second write up... the first was for something equally absurd... I ended up with a "decision day" today (which means I take the day off - paid - and write a detailed paper about how I'm going to change my work habits and why I want to keep my job and things of that nature. Some punishment, huh? *rolls eyes*

I hate my job, with a passion. The hours suck, the people suck, the work sucks... the only reason I'm still working there is because I'm in debt and really need the money. My question is - how do I start this paper? She said she wanted it detailed, so should I write in there that I'm in huge debt and tell them about my problems? What can I say to make a statement? Does anyone want to write it for me? Any help would be appreciated!

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