Andrea (vesleskjor) wrote in thequestionclub,

Maybe I'm just college retarded...

Since college enrollment/picking courses has always confused the living hell out of me (I'm starting to think I'm just stupid!!), I have a rather dumb-sounding question.

1. I think I'd like to be an English teacher. In Germany. If there's even a market for them by the time I'd finish college. But what course of study would you choose to go about making this happen? Majoring in German? Or English? Take German as a minor? Double degree (though that would be a very desperate move on my part lol)?

2. Am I total bum for not having started college yet? I'm going to be 19 in two weeks and I graduated a year ago. I'm the only one of my friends who hasn't started yet. I feel like such a loser about that sometimes. :/
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