Danielle (eleuthreophile) wrote in thequestionclub,

tqc, help me!

i just got a new phone. it has all sorts of amazing features, one of them being that it plays music! it also has a micro sd card slot. the manual says i need to order an accessories pack from verizon's website, which includes a micro sd card and a usb cable. it also says that the ONLY way to get music onto the phone from the computer is by using the cable, and that you must also use windows media player 10, and that it will only accept music that has been ripped from a cd.

currently, i use itunes and soulseek, and thus this is a problem. about 5% of my music was actually bought, and i don't want to have to burn the rest and then rip it into wmp, just to put it on my phone.

thus my question is: can i buy a different micro sd card, stick that into my laptop, then put it in my phone and have it work? would there be a problem with the drivers or anything?
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