(CLU) (desirsar) wrote in thequestionclub,

The quote is probably easier than writing the whole explanation again...

* CLU boggles for search terms
[CLU] I'm failing in Google.
[CLU] I'm trying to find a way to alter javascript in a page after it's loaded in the local browser.
[CLU] Specifically, a site uses javascript for a form submission and limits a field by counting the character in the field, and I would just remove the check for field length.
[CLU] s
[haljordan] so the code doesnt execute until data has been entered?
[CLU] No.
[CLU] And it pops up a dialog box in the browser saying the field is over 500, and doesn't submit the form.

Is this possible, and how is it done? I tried searching for anything related, but I couldn't come up with search terms that gave me anything close to what I wanted. I'm not real interested in reading a textbook on Javascript, which wouldn't take much effort to find. :)
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