She's not the Messiah, she's a very (naughtydolphin) wrote in thequestionclub,
She's not the Messiah, she's a very

My flatmate and I were talking about maybe getting a dog at some point in the next few months. We live in a two storey house (all living areas are upstairs) with a good sized yard, with a large park right behind our house. Neither of us like small dogs, and we've got a standard size fence (about 3' high), so probably shouldn't get a large dog (though I do prefer them). I do have a five month old baby, so the breed will have to be one that is good with children. We'd also be getting one from the RSPCA shelter, so it probably won't be a puppy.

What sort of dog do you think would be a good one to look at getting? i had a boxer x mastiff before and LOVED him to death, I thought he was a great dog, but don't know if that was more his personality or his breed.
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