Alexi J. Lupin (alexi_lupin) wrote in thequestionclub,
Alexi J. Lupin

1 - Who do you love that you haven't told?
2 - Who do/did you love that you don't/didn't tell enough?

3 - Who's someone everyone except you seems to love/lust after? You don't have to hate them, but just not see what the fuss is about.

1 - A friend, two teachers
2 - My Mum. I never used to say "I love you" back when she would. I don't know why, it embarrassed me I think. My brother always would. I only started saying it when we found out she was dying. =( I wish now that I'd said it more, because I can't say it at all now.

3 - Johnny Depp. He seems a cool guy, and he is quit good-looking, if not really my type. I wouldn't mind hanging out with him, but I've no desire to sleep with him. Who knows, maybe he's incredibly charismatic in real life.
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