Trisha Marie (onceuponatime13) wrote in thequestionclub,
Trisha Marie

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Traveling abroad

Although (for my intended departure date), flights from Paris to London aren't too expensive, I was wondering if there are any alternative ways to travel between these two cities. I'm sure there are boats/ferries, but I'm not sure where/how to depart.

*A/N: I may have a Eurorail pass, so traveling within France won't be a problem. With that said, I also may be able to go to London via other countries. Are there any cheaper departures, either from plane or boat, that I should consider?

Thanks for your help!

Also: Any experience using to Eurorail pass? What would you say is the best buy? I plan to study in Madrid for 4 weeks, with some opportunity for travel on the weekends. I may also extend my trip beyond my program, and visit other countries. Any travel suggestions?
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