Not really an entire Zone..more of a Twilight area (chimaerandi) wrote in thequestionclub,
Not really an entire Zone..more of a Twilight area

1) What are your three favorite songs by your favorite artist?

2) Three least favorite?

3) What are you doing tonight?

4) Anyone have funny, mildly to moderately politically incorrect names for my trivia team? 

1) A Higher Power, Surrender, Couples must fight

2) Since She Started to ride, Behold the Lilies of the Field, French Style

3) Going to Trivia, trying to win 1st for once.

4) We've been the Cuban National Rafting Team, The Helen Keller AV club, Pork chop express vs the Hebrew Nationals, Amelia Earhardt school of flight. We change it every week.
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