sydney delicious (desireless) wrote in thequestionclub,
sydney delicious

1. Do electric toothbrushes really clean better than manual ones? My boyfriend bought one for us recently and I'm not sure I really like it. But if it really does clean better, I'm willing to keep at it for a bit.

2. For those of you who took swimming lessons, how long did it take for you to learn to swim? I mean from the first time you stepped into the pool until you were able to tread water and feel confident in deep waters. It's been two months for me and I feel like progress is sooo slow. I particularly have problems with putting my head in the water and NOT taking a breath. I always end up with a mouthful of water. : ( Do you have any tips for me in this matter? I'm going to Aruba early next year and I'd like to go snorkeling but it seems like it's going to be impossible if I can't even stick my face in the water.
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