Captain America (listenlouder) wrote in thequestionclub,
Captain America

i told my brother about the following things at my school that happen yearly, and he was a little surprised by #2, but i'm so used to it that it doesn't seem strange. does/did your school do anything specifically for its students, or annual event that is always a good time?

and what do you think of my school events?

1. a school event called Treasure Hunt where selected seniors lead groups of 10+ kids from all grades around Rome in search of clues. it's pretty much the only thing that the school does as a community. we're not allowed to use motorcycles/cars which many people have, and have to take a picture at each place to prove we went.

2. our annual cross-dress day that the boys seem to get hyped up about more than the girls.

3. senior slave day: each senior is sold at an auction, where the other grades and teachers get to bid on someone, and the proceeds go to either a school cause, or a cause that the school supports. EDIT the seniors are told to do ridiculous things like wear a towel and sing " A Whole New World" to the headmaster etc, it's not degrading at all.

#1 is always in the fall, and it's actually tomorrow. #2 is whenever the student council says so. #3 is always in the late spring.
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