Worthy of Love (grand_illusions) wrote in thequestionclub,
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Priests, Food, and Feelings... this is important!

Three unrelated questions:

Are priests/monks/nuns allowed to masturbate? Are they breaking some sort of code if they do?

Do you sometimes have trouble eating a food, regardless of how good it tastes, because of its texture or appearance?

Don't you hate how people are usually sweet and civil to people they despise? I hate false courtesy just as much as I hate being cordial to someone I cannot stand. Why can't we be upfront with people instead of waiting until they leave the room to bash them. I don't want someone, who I think is my friend, to ramble on about me behind my back. And likewise, when I don't like a person, I let them know without causing drama. Why can't we be more honest about our feelings?
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