mon.petit.vulcan (peejaykayess) wrote in thequestionclub,


this may not make much sense... cause i'm typing this while i'm all emotional..

my coworkers were talking during lunch. (i work in a small all female company). and they were talking bout men, and two of them were like "i'll never let a man get me down! life's too short to allow a man to get to me and make me feel sad or depressed for whatever reason! there are so many fishes in the sea! " etc. they were being all flippant about men

so i'm sitting there... trying not to cry or pay attention. (this morning my bf broke up with me, and my eyes are still very sore from crying in the bathroom at work..... & no i have not told my coworkers this... so i really dunno why the topic came up)... but i'm wondering whether thats how things are.. or whether they're just being their usual cold bitchy selves? i mean how can you not feel any emotion when something goes wrong in your relationship.. you just shrug and move on to the next best thing? i have seen people do this tho.. & it makes me sad.

1. how many of you TQCers agree with my coworkers?
2. do you feel sorry for their boyfriends?
3. why does it feel like the sky is crumbling and the world is ending? :(
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