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Does anyone else here have the extreme pleasure of dealing with acid reflux/GERD?

1) How long have you had it?
2) When were you diagnosed with it?
3) Do you know what foods trigger YOUR attacks?
4) What meds do you take? and do you think those are helping?
5) How many times have you had the Upper GI x-ray?
6) Any suggestions / advice / helpful hints you can give?

My answers...
1 - Since I was about 15 or 16.
2 - In 2000 (after 4-5 years of not knowing what was going on)
3 - Not a damn clue.
4 - Protonix (daily) and Famotidine (when the Protonix doesn't cut it). Lately, no, they haven't been helping.
5 - I'm going in for my 2nd GI soon. My last one was in 2000.
6 - White bread absorbs better than sourdough. And don't bend over during a bad phase - it just makes the acid rise up into your throat. yech.
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