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So like, 5 random questions that don't relate to each other, really.

1. Do you feel more comfortable making the first move to initiate friendship, or would you rather have someone else introduce themselves/say something?
My A: I'm good with either but I'd rather initiate.. as that's what I do anyway.

2. How do you feel about clingy friends? Would you feel bad if you wanted to neglect the friendship after years of friendship? How would you go about doing that?
My A: That's happened recently and I feel bad but I was feeling overwhelmed.

3. Do you chair dance (as in, you bop and twirl and bounce on your computer chair to music)?
My A: Well, yeah. I've fallen over a few times too.

4. Does anyone have advice for what to do so you won't boredom eat?

5. If you have/had a roommate, what's the worst thing that she/he would do that would just get on your nerves?
my A: She would give me the silent treatment like a 10 year old and would get angry at the simplest things.
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