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1) Have you ever built a computer?
2) Did it work?
3) Are you hungry?
4) What should I eat: pizza, skettios, or ramen? (I R HEALTHY!) I've gone with pizza AND ramen! I am hungry!
5) What's the nicest thing someone's done for you recently?
6) Are you a fan of Fudge Stripe cookies?
7) What's a good way to .... Do you ever forget what you were gonna type right in the middle of typing it?? Oh wait! I remember! What's a good way to motivate myself?

1) Yes! I've built 3 or 4.
2) 2 of them worked until I gave them away. Their new users managed to break them.
3) I am starving.
4) I do not know!
5) I had a fight with my husband yesterday online. He came home from work early and brought me pink and purple flowers (my favorite colors) and Taco Bell taquitos. He is so sweet.
6) I love Fudge Stripe cookies!
7) I wish I could motivate myself to put this computer together...
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