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Do you hate UPS as much as I do?

I've been waiting on my target furniture (classy, I know) to arrive all week. On Tuesday I came home from class to discover that the delivery person came while I was in class but couldn't leave my packages because I needed to sign for them. He or she would be back on Wednesday, again when I'm in class. How convenient. So on Wednesday when I came home from class to find another sticky note on my door from the UPS representative stating that he or she would make an yet another attempt to deliver my packages at a time when I am clearly not likely to be around, I wrote in the Customer Comments section: "PLEASE CALL [my phone number] I PROMISE I AM HOME."

Today I stayed home, anticipating the arrival of the UPS truck. I even decided to sit on my front porch for the time frame during which the delivery was scheduled. And what did I found as I stepped out the front door??? A UPS truck halfway down the block, and another sticky note on my door saying FINAL ATTEMPT.

I get that maybe it's not your job to call a customer at her request, and maybe sometimes deliveries come earlier than they're supposed to, but since when did it become common practice for a delivery person not to even ring the fucking doorbell???

And also, what was the last package you received?

I got my birthday present from my dad this morning! Thank God for the postal service.
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