The Great Ideas Fairy (scorpi084) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Great Ideas Fairy

I have to deal with an unpleasant situation tonight after work. I have a knot in my stomach that's working its way to being the size of China's big brother. I still have 4.5 hours before I can start to deal with this. What can I do to ease my anxiety while at work (the chances that work will distract me are slim, I have nothing to do)?

If you tell someone you're really terrible at a certain task, but they have you do something involving that task anyway, do you think they have cause to complain when you do it at a C-level (like school grades)? If you let people know ahead of time that your car is a disaster, are they justified in complaining about the mess when you give them a ride?

Why does water start to taste bad to me after a few cups? It tastes like the greatest thing ever to start with, but as I drink more (no matter how thirsty I still am), it starts to taste really...hard(?) almost. One of the sources of water where I experience this most is the purified water bottle things you get from Culligan, so I don't think it's mineral build up.

When you're stressed, do you over-eat or under-eat?

What things that you were sure, from the start, were a terrible idea turned out worse than you feared? Exactly as you feared? Better than you could have hoped?

My 7 week old kitten has a funny attachment to a scarf of mine. I've watched her play with it, and I've determined it looks like she's nursing on it. She was orphaned as a nearly brand new kitten. Should I encourage this behavior? Discourage? Just leave her alone with her new best friend?
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