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breathing fine most of the time

9:15 PM 8/26/07 · I have a light case of asthma. It may've been triggered by my trip to India when I was 15 though I think maybe I had a slight case before then. It's never been strong or that bad, largely triggers around certain cats and in Spring; lovely how my allergies mix in with it so well.

The more commercials I come across advertising a future asthma going from light to stronger keep saying daily doses. The first doc I discussed this with, from the onset, told me I only needed to medicate when I was having an episode. While initially that was several times a day, coughing up all that black gunk that got into my lungs from being in India, nowadays I'm lucky if I use my inhaler more than 3 times a year.

Commercials would sorta give the impression this is not right.

Am I supposed to use my inhaler every single day or just as needed? I'd think constant usage would weaken my lungs, not the other way around. Especially as the commercials feature people that seem to go the every day route but if there cases worse over time then maybe that's not the way to go.

If you use an inhaler, how often do you use it?
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