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Going on a long trip

I've decided, 'to hell with the heat' and I am going to be going to New Hampshire from mid-October until next mid- June. Part of the reason I hate it so much is it's impossible to walk my big fat black dog, Kiona, because my vet says "Don't walk her if she's going to overheat" and she overheats just sitting outside. She's healthy, she's just so gatdang black and fat. So, unless I wake up at midnight, I can't walk my dog, and even then, only for about half an hour. Plus she LOVES the cold.

So, I'd like to take her. Cowboy will be staying here with my parents, bless their hearts. The reasoning is that (1)he doesn't like the cold so much and (2)he's a much easier dog. They don't really like dogs and Kiona is just too much dog for them, whereas Cowboy is very catlike in his ways.

But the thing is, the house where I will be staying (my aunt's house) doesn't allow dogs.

Boarding kennels won't allow it, so I'm thinking they might be onto something, but...

Would it be too much stress on Kiki to find someone (a household) that would take her while I'm working and during the nights, if I take her all the other times? I'd pay a boarding fee, clean up her messes, pay for whatever she ruins, give them a crate for her, pay for absolutely everything (vet, bedding, food, etc), and of course, meet them first.

The schedule would work like this:
-I wake up, get ready for the day
-Go to the house, talk to the people, clean up last night's and this morning's poop, hose down the grass where she peed
-Take her for a run, play with her a bit, work on some training, bring her back
-Go to work
-Go to the house, clean up the poop, hose down the pee, take Keekers, do whatever I plan on doing that afternoon/night.
-Bring her back after a long hard run, so that she's tired, doesn't fuss and goes right to sleep.
-Start over the next day

So it'd be our exact schedule, but she sleeps at someone else's house.

She's a pretty thick skinned dog, doesn't get stressed easily at all. She loves snow, running, other people, and swimming, and she LOVES car rides, which we'd be taking a lot of. So, I think it'd be a nice break for both of us. I'd definitely find a household I like, get along with, and trust. They would be friends to us, not just a boarding place. And if I find a good, cheap, pet-friendly place soon enough, or if we can convince the landlord at my Aunt's house, it really wouldn't even be for too long.

Should I can the idea and find someone to watch her here, or is it feasible?
Any ideas where I can find someone?

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