apeiron_gaia (apeiron_gaia) wrote in thequestionclub,

Problems in Back of Knees

I am having sharp pains that shoot up the back of my knees ever since I tried to do lunges after a short stint of not working out (because of arthritis inflammation in the front of my knees). It aches in the back of the thigh and sharp pains are constantly going up in two striations. Sometimes pain throbs up the sides as well.

It gets worse when I straighten my legs, stand for long periods, or bend them without support.

The pain is horrible. Ive been like this for months, and it just isn't getting better. It actually feels like it is getting worse.

I have no insurance, and can't afford to go to a doctor. Does my symptoms sound familiar to anyone? I am so scared that I will always be in pain and that I need surgery. Either way, I am screwed since I can't pay to see a doc or get an MRI.

Any help would be appreciated.
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