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My birthday is in less than two months now (whoopee!) and I have decided to plan my own party this year. (It drives me insane when other people try to plan a party for me because I'm the party planner of the group and do everyone else's.) I'll be 25 this year and most of my friends are over 21 now.

I was thinking about a themed dinner party at my house, a la Bridget Jones. (Except unlike Bridget, I am a good cook and won't make blue leek soup.) I have a nice deck outside that I can decorate up so we can eat outside, too. My birthday is on a Friday this year, but I think I'm going to have the party the following day. The weather should be agreeable, but if it turns cold, we can easily move inside.

I already have a few ideas, but am interested in what other people think, too. What themes do you suggest?
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