—Yo no digo esta canción sino a quién conmigo va. (xenoamorist) wrote in thequestionclub,
—Yo no digo esta canción sino a quién conmigo va.

I bought some cute Kamio stationary the other day, and I'd love to use it; however, the envelopes it comes with are labeled in the Japanese mailing system (which is the reverse of the US mailing system--zip code first, then city, then street, etc.).

My question is--can I fill in the blanks as they're labeled, and will the post office recognize it? Or should I just get a white label or something and place it over the form and just address it then?

Also, the address form is on the back of the envelope. Will the envelope go through the post office okay, or should I squeeze the address in on the front instead?


- hl
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